Why Story?

The power of your story determines the measure of your success. Your story defines you. Your story distinguishes you from your competition. Your story determines your relevance and value to your employees, customers and share/stakeholders.

The question is: who is going to author that story? Your competition? Your customers? The media? Or you?

The economy is too volatile, the competition too unpredictable, the consumer too fickle and your business, organization, brand and reputation, too valuable to be determined by forces beyond your control.

Be the author of your story. Take back control. Stay in charge.

The power of your story determines the measure of your success.

Why MasterStory®

There are the stories you tell for entertainment; jokes and funny anecdotes. There are the stories you tell to make a point or explain an idea; parables, analogies, metaphors and fables. Then there the stories you tell to connect with others; the up close and personal stories and confessions.

But then there is the story that makes you whole, that drives you forward and that governs your decisions and your actions. It captures and conveys your essence, your truth, your vision, your core beliefs and values. That story is your MasterStory.

Our scientific, tried and tested methods of story development and analysis will help you drive your business, understand and engage both your customers and employees, galvanize your organization, power your brand and bolster your reputation. Unlocking and wielding the tremendous power of story with strategic precision and maximum impact requires specialized knowledge, specific skills and seasoned experience you can only find here at MasterStory®.

Your story is more than a means of entertainment or a form of communication. Your story is an instrument of leadership. With your Story you give meaning and purpose to your organization and brand. Being the author of that story is simply a matter of good governance.

Story is an instrument of leadership. Authoring your Story is a matter of good governance.

MasterStory® Method

After analyzing your situation and your relationship with your target audience, we address three questions:

1. What is your Story?
Somewhere, beneath layers of marketing blurbs, management speak and corporate lingo, the heroic beauty and truth of your organization is hidden. We will dig and probe and search until we find that nugget and restore it to its rightful position as the nuclear core of your MasterStory. The only story you can tell is your own. Your story captures and conveys your heroic truth.

2. How to tell your Story?
We develop ways to enact the story through organizational behavior. We develop the appropriate visuals, metaphors and imagery and find the right words to say. Action, behavior, imagery and language strategically designed, coordinated and integrated across relevant channels and media with maximum impact on your business. All held together and driven by your story as source of inspiration for the work and compass during the journey. What is not united at the core cannot be managed at the surface.

3. Does your Story work?
StoryMeter® measures the power of your story and its impact on your business. Its insights provide you with clear directions for organizational and business development and brand, reputation and communication strategy. Prior to starting story development we will conduct a 0- measurement to see how the current story works. Six to twelve months into implementing the story we will conduct a 1-measurement to monitor the impact. How does your story impact your business?


StoryMeter® measures the power of your story and its impact on your business. Its insights provide you with clear directions for organizational and business development and brand, reputation and communication strategy.

Go the dedicated website: storymeter.com

StoryMeter Licensing
We offer a training program that will authorize and license you to operate StoryMeter®, our proprietary strategic application that measures the power of story and its impact on your business. Its finding provides context and directions for organizational and business development and brand, reputation and communication strategy.

Does your story work?


Through our Masterclass Program we will teach you how to master story, methodically and measurably. You will learn the theory and techniques to unlock and harness the power of story to benefit Business, Organization, Brand and Reputation.

• In our ½ day Masterclass we will cover the theory and technique, behind professional story development, richly illustrated with cases and examples.
• In our 1 day Masterclass/Workshop we will cover the theory and technique, behind professional story development, richly illustrated with cases and examples. Moreover will put you to work on your Story and guide you through the steps from scratch to story.


Ashraf Ramzy is a world renowned expert on storytelling. With the topic having become fashionable again in the current business environment, what separates Ashraf from other consultants, experts and thought leaders in this area is that he has a proven methodology for how storytelling can be effectively used in corporate and leadership communication. Building on this expertise, Ashraf is a regular contributor to our executive education programs at RSM, with executives seeing the immediate value and relevance of what he brings.

Joep Cornelissen
Joep CornelissenProfessor of Corporate Communication and Management, Rotterdam School of Management

We were completely stuck at ABN AMRO Private Banking when we were searching for the ‘story’ behind the way we wanted to advise a specific clientele on some major financial consequences in their private affairs. We wanted a clear vision on what our added value as Private Bank exactly was. And, on how to communicate this internally and to the market. Because we were triggered by the way Ashraf Ramzy works, we asked him to help us. He challenged us to look further, beyond the limitations of the familiar and to think in scenarios, in possibilities. With his sharp analysis and vision he supported us in the process to develop a clear, distinctive and relevant proposition to our target audience. This formed the basis on which developed our marketing and communication strategy.

Inge Kalmeijer
Inge Kalmeijer Head Internal Communications & PR ABN AMRO Private Banking Nederland

Ashraf Ramzy is a very inspiring man, who (for the first time) implemented ‘Narritivity’ in the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam The Netherlands. He is a very good listener, and is able to convert your ideas and ambitions into a new ‘Corporate Story’.

Henk Dessens
Henk DessensDirector of Collections, ‘Het Scheepvaartmuseum’ The national maritime museum

The Netherlands Heart Foundation, with the guidance and support of Mr. Ramzy, succeeded in uniting several cardiovascular parties within the Netherlands. Together we developed the concept of the United Hearts platform and Narrativity helped us to articulate the story that captured and conveyed our shared vision and our mission. His strategic insight, his understanding of communication dynamics, his perseverance, his commitment to us and to our case and his enthusiastic and personable character made Mr. Ramzy an inspiring business partner. I highly recommend him.

Hans Stam
Hans StamDirector, Netherlands Heart Foundation

Ashraf guided us during the development of our corporate story and rebranding strategy. Thanks to him we were able to create a story which support and nourish our new brand essence. It fuels ambition and unleashed inspiration and energy in our museum. It is a pleasure to work with Ashraf and we appreciate his enthusiasm en involvement. In short, I heartily recommend Ashraf to you for his ability to make your corporate story, power your brand.

Anja Haver
Anja HaverHead of Marketing, Het Scheepvaartmuseum

When the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water needed to revise its vision and mission statement, Ashraf Ramzy helped us to the core of our Identity. Together with him we came up with just seven words free to move and safe to live to capture our essence, clarify our purpose and inspire us. I definitely recommend teaming up with him when you need a high impact vision and mission narrative.

Stephan Koole
Stephan KooleHead of Communication, Ministry of Health

Ashraf is not just a great corporate story developer, he is also an excellent organisational analyst . Put him in a group of people and within moments he asks the hard questions that lead right to the heart of your organisational issues. By asking questions about your organisational past, current challenges, your hopes … a pattern occurs that will lead you to your story, to insights that you couldn’t come up with yourself, but that simply fit. ‘Hey… That’s us…’. The result? Organisational pride and self-confidence!

Elsa Scholte
Elsa ScholteHead of Communication, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

In the world of infant nutrition there is a complex and dynamic relationship between the brand, the product, the infant and the mother/parent. When one takes into account, the intense emotional involvement between mother and child and add to that her dreams about and for her child, one can easily imagine the high demands to a branded nutritional formula. Adding to that, our desire to have an internationally applicable brand and marketing concept just increased the complexity of a project we had been grappling with for a number of years. Within this context the narrative approach of Mr. Ramzy give us the breakthrough we so eagerly waited for. It provided us with a mental and practical framework in which we got a grip on the complex subject matter and in which we could assign the various and interconnected elements their proper place resulting in an integral whole; workable, marketable and communicable. This framework, or rather, this Story appealed to and resonated with Mothers everywhere in such a profound and universal manner that we were able to use this Story as our platform for brand management and marketing communication and apply it both in Europe and in Asia. A unique phenomenon in the world of marketing and brand management.

Thom J.C.M. Albers
Thom J.C.M. Albers Director WorldwideMarketing/R&D Friesland Nutrition (Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods)

Normally it is hard to listen a whole day to the same lecturer, talking about only one topic. But from the moment Ashraf started you got moved and inspired. The way Ashraf tells about creating corporate stories, about the narrative elements and the results of a good story it makes you think differently, personally and profesionally.

Marjolein Bijsterveld
Marjolein BijsterveldSenior Communications Advisor at TAQA

Strategic inspiring story creation is an absolute strong point of Ashraf, creating new unexpected views. Next to the quality of work and content, it is also a great pleasure to work with Ashraf.

Gerry WientjensManaging Director at Wientjens BV

As a student at the Corporate Communication Center I really enjoyed the lecture of Ashraf. He is very inspiring and gives good insights in what is corporate identity and how to translate a corporate or brand DNA into an attractive story. His lecture is a good balance between theory and practice. Exactly what I was looking for!

Christine Van Der LindenPR and content specialist. Director PR agency Linden & Barbosa

If you think you understand corporate storytelling, wait until you’ve heard Ashraf Ramzy. His stream of eye opening insights, brought with relentless enthusiasm, both inspires and challenges. After Ashraf you will simply think different about communicating.

Marc do Amaral
Marc do AmaralCorporate Communication Director, RSM

As part of my executive International MSc corporate communications I had the pleasure to attend a whole day session on the why, what, how of corporate stories lectured by Ashraf Ramzy. Ashraf is an internationally acknowledged thought leader in the field of corporate story and rightfully so. Ashraf applied his in-depth knowledge of story telling to his lecture and with total fascination I listened to his insights and very useful advice as well as practical tips on how to apply the science of corporate story to my own organization. Not only did I enjoy the actual content of his presentation, also the way the information was presented was highly engaging; Ashraf came extremely well prepared. In the words of Ashraf: Story frames reality…, it drives strategy…. and … it inspires…, to me Ashraf framed reality of corporate identity, helped to drive strategy and was truly inspiring! I would love to have the opportunity to work with Ashraf on our corporate story.

Corina Ramers - VerhoevenDirector Communications, Global Oncology Corporate Affairs at Eli Lilly and Company

Het Culture Diagnostix onderzoek heeft blootgelegd hoe ver we staan met het werken aan een gemeenschappelijk doel en aan welke knoppen we als leidinggevenden kunnen draaien om de organisatie daadwerkelijk haar doel te laten realiseren. Het was een eyeopener voor mij en mijn collega’s dat onze medewerkers zich vooral met de mensen van de organisatie verbinden en niet zo zeer aan het gemeenschappelijke doel. De benchmark met andere bedrijven geeft een goed referentiekader en maakt het mogelijk om van andere organisaties te leren.

Miriam van Kuppenveld
Miriam van KuppenveldMBA, secretaris / manager bestuursstaf, Havensteder Rotterdam

Meten is weten. Culture Diagnostix is een overtuigend instrument om je organisatie te analyseren. Ashraf heeft ons meegenomen in een mooi proces om tot gezamenlijke en gedeelde waarden voor het RIVM te komen. Verbindend, luisterend en inspirerend.

André van der ZandeDirecteur-Generaal RIVM

Met de introductie van Culture Diagnostix stelt Ashraf Ramzy een organisatie in staat om op een diepergaand niveau beter te begrijpen wat er werkelijk onder haar medewerkers leeft én welke impact dit heeft op haar functioneren en succes. De inzichten uit Culture Diagnostix leveren tevens een belangrijke bijdrage aan de vitaliteit van een organisatie, juist in een periode waarin mensen, vaak onbewust, aan hun werk veel zingeving ontlenen. Door de organisatiebeleving helder in kaart te brengen en zo richting te geven aan organisatieontwikkeling, legt Culture Diagnostix de basis voor een solide corporate strategie én bewijst het een oud adagium: ‘Binnen Beginnen is Buiten Winnen’.

Jan Hol
Jan HolVP Corporate Communications, Océ


Drs. Ashraf Ramzy (August 1961) is founder and director of MasterStory®, Story Consultancy based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. First established as Narrativity® in 1992 (long before the current hype of storytelling) it has since then specialized in developing, delivering and diagnosing an organization’s Corporate Story as an instrument of vision driven leadership.

Ramzy is specialized in strategic issues regarding Narrative and Identity, all its aspects and phases, continuity and change. He has been featured in major publications, television and radio interviews, is a guest lecturer at the Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, department of Corporate Communication Centre and has presented at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.

As a brand & reputation strategist and story consultant with an academic background and master’s degree in the field of Narratology he has been putting the power of story to work for clients for more than 30 years. Since discovering the field of Narratology in 1982, understanding and applying Story has been a personal passion, an academic pursuit and a professional career.

Prior to launching Narrativity® and MasterStory® Ramzy has worked at renowned agencies such as BBDO, TBWA and Publicis. He has worked for (multinational) clients such as Nissan, Canon, Frito-Lay, Santander Asset Management, AXA Belgium, Aer Lingus, the Netherlands Heart Foundation, The Amsterdam Maritime Museum, SNV Netherland, Development Organization, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and several Dutch Ministries (Urban Planning; Traffic & Transport; Health),

For more information about our services, Story development, StoryMeter® our licensing or masterclass program, please do connect with us at info@masterstory.com. Or fill the form and we will contact you as soon as we can! Thank you.

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