The narrative approach of Mr. Ramzy gave us the breakthrough we so eagerly waited for. It provided us with a mental and practical framework in which we got a grip on the complex subject matter and in which we could assign the various and interconnected elements their proper place resulting in an integral whole; workable, marketable and communicable. This framework, or rather, this Story appealed to and resonated with Mothers everywhere in such a profound and universal manner that we were able to use this Story as our platform for brand management and marketing communication and apply it both in Europe and in Asia. A unique phenomenon in the world of marketing and brand management.

Thom J.C.M. Albers Director WorldwideMarketing/R&D Friesland Nutrition (Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods)

Ashraf Ramzy is a very inspiring man, who (for the first time) implemented ‘Narrativity’ in the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam The Netherlands. He is a very good listener, and is able to convert your ideas and ambitions into a new ‘Corporate Story’.

Henk DessensDirector of Collections, ‘Het Scheepvaartmuseum’ The national maritime museum

The Netherlands Heart Foundation, with the guidance and support of Mr. Ramzy, succeeded in uniting several cardiovascular parties within the Netherlands. Together we developed the concept of the United Hearts platform and Narrativity helped us to articulate the story that captured and conveyed our shared vision and our mission. His strategic insight, his understanding of communication dynamics, his perseverance, his commitment to us and to our case and his enthusiastic and personable character made Mr. Ramzy an inspiring business partner. I highly recommend him.

Hans StamDirector, Netherlands Heart Foundation

We were completely stuck at ABN AMRO Private Banking when we were searching for the ‘story’ behind the way we wanted to advise a specific clientele on some major financial consequences in their private affairs. We wanted a clear vision on what our added value as Private Bank exactly was. And, on how to communicate this internally and to the market. Because we were triggered by the way Ashraf Ramzy works, we asked him to help us. He challenged us to look further, beyond the limitations of the familiar and to think in scenarios, in possibilities. With his sharp analysis and vision he supported us in the process to develop a clear, distinctive and relevant proposition to our target audience. This formed the basis on which developed our marketing and communication strategy.

Inge Kalmeijer Head Internal Communications & PR ABN AMRO Private Banking Nederland

When the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water needed to revise its vision and mission statement, Ashraf Ramzy helped us to the core of our Identity. Together with him we came up with just seven words free to move and safe to live to capture our essence, clarify our purpose and inspire us. I definitely recommend teaming up with him when you need a high impact vision and mission narrative.

Stephan KooleHead of Communication, Ministry of Traffic & Water Management

Ashraf guided us during the development of our corporate story and rebranding strategy. Thanks to him we were able to create a story which support and nourish our new brand essence. It fuels ambition and unleashed inspiration and energy in our museum. It is a pleasure to work with Ashraf and we appreciate his enthusiasm en involvement. In short, I heartily recommend Ashraf to you for his ability to make your corporate story, power your brand.

Anja HaverHead of Marketing, Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Ashraf is not just a great corporate story developer, he is also an excellent organisational analyst . Put him in a group of people and within moments he asks the hard questions that lead right to the heart of your organisational issues. By asking questions about your organisational past, current challenges, your hopes … a pattern occurs that will lead you to your story, to insights that you couldn’t come up with yourself, but that simply fit. ‘Hey… That’s us…’. The result? Organisational pride and self-confidence!

Elsa ScholteHead of Communication, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

Normally it is hard to listen a whole day to the same lecturer, talking about only one topic. But from the moment Ashraf started you got moved and inspired. The way Ashraf tells about creating corporate stories, about the narrative elements and the results of a good story it makes you think differently, personally and profesionally.

Marjolein BijsterveldSenior Communications Advisor at TAQA

Strategic inspiring story creation is an absolute strong point of Ashraf, creating new unexpected views. Next to the quality of work and content, it is also a great pleasure to work with Ashraf.

Gerry WientjensManaging Director at Wientjens BV

As a student at the Corporate Communication Center I really enjoyed the lecture of Ashraf. He is very inspiring and gives good insights in what is corporate identity and how to translate a corporate or brand DNA into an attractive story. His lecture is a good balance between theory and practice. Exactly what I was looking for!

Christine Van Der LindenPR and content specialist. Director PR agency Linden & Barbosa

If you think you understand corporate storytelling, wait until you’ve heard Ashraf Ramzy. His stream of eye opening insights, brought with relentless enthusiasm, both inspires and challenges. After Ashraf you will simply think different about communicating.

Marc do AmaralCorporate Communication Director, RSM

As part of my executive International MSc corporate communications I had the pleasure to attend a whole day session on the why, what, how of corporate stories lectured by Ashraf Ramzy. Ashraf is an internationally acknowledged thought leader in the field of corporate story and rightfully so. Ashraf applied his in-depth knowledge of story telling to his lecture and with total fascination I listened to his insights and very useful advice as well as practical tips on how to apply the science of corporate story to my own organization. Not only did I enjoy the actual content of his presentation, also the way the information was presented was highly engaging; Ashraf came extremely well prepared. In the words of Ashraf: Story frames reality…, it drives strategy…. and … it inspires…, to me Ashraf framed reality of corporate identity, helped to drive strategy and was truly inspiring! I would love to have the opportunity to work with Ashraf on our corporate story.

Corina Ramers - VerhoevenDirector Communications, Global Oncology Corporate Affairs at Eli Lilly and Company

The Culture Diagnostix research has revealed how far we have come in working towards a common goal and which levers we as managers can pull to  make the organization achieve its goal. It was an eye opener for me and my colleagues that our employees connect predominately with their colleagues within the organization rather than with the common goal. The benchmark with other organizations gives a good frame of reference and makes it possible to learn from other organizations.

Miriam van KuppenveldMBA, secretaris / manager bestuursstaf, Havensteder Rotterdam

Ashraf Ramzy took us on a wonderful journey of discovery that resulted in the identification of the common and shared values and goals of the National Institute of Public Health and Environment. He excelled in connecting with, listening to and inspiring us.

André van der ZandeDirecteur-Generaal RIVM

With the introduction of Culture Diagnostix Ashraf Ramzy enables an organization to understand at a deeper level what really is going in within an organization among employees and  how this impacts its functioning and its success. The insights that Culture Diagnostix generates, contribute significantly to the vitality of an organization. Especially in an era where people derive a great deal of meaning and purpose from their work. By clearly mapping out organizational perceptions, measuring Culture Power and providing direction for organizational development, Culture Diagnostix is a robust foundation for a  solid business strategy and measurably contributes to organizational success.

Jan HolVP Corporate Communications, Océ

Ashraf Ramzy is a world renowned expert on storytelling. With the topic having become fashionable again in the current business environment, what separates Ashraf from other consultants, experts and thought leaders in this area is that he has a proven methodology for how storytelling can be effectively used in corporate and leadership communication. Building on this expertise, Ashraf is a regular contributor to our executive education programs at Rotterdam School of Management, with executives seeing the immediate value and relevance of what he brings.

Joep CornelissenProfessor of Corporate Communication and Management Rotterdam School of Management

Getting a story right is not so easy, but working with Ashraf showed us that it can be made easier, clearer and to the point. It was a good experience running through a workshop were we had to ensure that we were all understanding the same thing and going in the same direction. Ashraf helped us to find our “hero” and our “story”.

Francisca GorgodianHead Corp. Responsibility & Communication | Strategy | Crisis Management | Global Communication | Change | Reputation

After doing a analysis of the needs and lifestyle of expatriates – a rather complex group of people – Mr. Ramzy crafted a story of the relationship between us and them. Based on this story he built a brand strategy which hit our audience and our ambitions right on target. The Expatriate was our “Beneficiary”. The sense of “Being a Stranger in a Strange Land” was the “Villain”.  Language was the “Obstacle” and connecting with surroundings was the “Desirable Object”. And we would be the expatriate’s Hero: solving problems, delivering information, and showing the way to an interesting life. It was something both the company and our readers could really grab onto, and we’ve had enormous success with it. The Hero positioning, combined with a slightly defiant motto (phrased from the Expatriate’s point of view) – “I am not a tourist” — were quickly embraced by our target group. Months later, when we had to change our name due to trademark issues, Ramzy recommended an adequate response strategy, again based on his insights in story structure and the Hero’s Journey, he quickly adapted the strategy to the new name and strengthend it in the process. A novel approach that got us to where we wanted to be, the way we wanted to go.

Bram LeboCEO Expatica Media Group (