“By developing the corporate story:
‘VROM, the architect of the house called Holland’,
Ramzy gave us a recognizable thread that
interlinks all VROM activities”.

In the Dutch government VROM is responsible for the policy areas of housing, spatial planning and the environment. Added together, these areas make for a complex, differentiated picture of what VROM represents. You could say that VROM is about the quality of people’s lives, as its mission is to create a safe, healthy and sustainable living environment. It does not do this alone, but in partnership with, amongst others, local authorities, intermediaries and members of the public.

In order to optimize such alliances VROM builds and maintains relationships with the parties. You don’t build relationships by letting someone call the shots, but by self-assertion. This starts with a strong sense of identity, translated into a distinctive image and a good story. Because VROM has a lot to tell about a wide array of subjects Ashraf Ramzy used his narrative approach to help VROM write its story and formulate its concept. The configuration and organization of Dutch space, which forms the essence of its work. This core competence and the corporate identity of VROM form the basis for the concept: ‘VROM, the architect of the house called Holland’, designing the contours for a good living climate. The concept guides our story (content) and projects our identity (form), creating a recognizable thread that interlinks all VROM activities.

Robert P. Jansen
Head of Communication
VROM (Ministry of Public Housing, Urban Planning and the Environment)